This video provides an aerial view of the traffic pattern in the Hampton Beach and surrounding areas, further showing that there is no emergency evacuation route possible from Seabrook.

Stephen Comley Sr. is interviewed, discussing the creation of his organization We The People, his run for the presidency, and the problems associated with the NRC.

Trump would not address questions Comley asked about GAG Orders on MA State Police and NH national guard & substandard nuclear parts in most U.S plants.

Trump is not surprised there are bogus nuclear parts present in most U.S. plants and then demises Comley in a rude way.

Comley confronts Rubio at NH St Anselm’s College where he gives documentation to Rubio about substandard nuclear parts in all Florida plants. Rubio promised to get back to Comley but never did.

Comley confronted Carson at UNH about Seabrook Stations empty security booth, GAG orders, and presence of bogus nuclear parts.  Carson promised to get back to Comley but never did.

Video showing special needs citizens Comley refers to during Triton Regional High School Media Class interview of Comley. Triton sits in the middle of the 10 mile radius of the Seabrook Nuclear Plant.

Merrimac talks with Stephen Comley Sr. about his nonprofit organization, We the People, and the problems in the NRC.